There was a time when G Herbo drank dirty Sprite on the regular, but these days, he's kicked the habit. In a new interview with XXL, the Chicago native opens up about his experience with lean and how the drink negatively affected him.

The drink was at the center of controversy earlier this week thanks to Russ, but according to G Herbo, he's happy to say he's been clean off lean since 2016.

"I'm proud to say I ain't sip no lean since December 20-something, 2016," the 21-year-old says of his former habit, which has cost him $80,000. "I've been like completely clean. I ain't sip no lean, none of that shit. I don't even fuck with it no more."

The Humble Beast rapper also revealed the negative effects of the drink, saying it led him to threaten people and fight in the recording studio.

"I know for a fact, lean do a whole ’nother thing to you," Herbo shares. "Lean, that shit'll have you sleep, have you missing studio sessions. It'll have you trippin', have you angry, grouchy. I done got into it with people. I done threatened people. Finna fight people in the studio off lean. People done knock my cups over and I done got mad as hell. Made them give me money out they pockets and shit. And I'm not even that type of person... It will get the best of you. For real, for real."

G Herbo also says he could have stopped drinking lean a long time ago but it was a personal choice to continue. "I could of been stop drinking that shit a long time ago, but that was what I wanted to do," he admits.

The rapper added, "I was addicted to it ’cause I was addicted to it. My body wasn't addicted, my mind wasn't addicted. Me, as a person, that's what I wanted to do... That shit fuck you up."

And while Herbo doesn't tell everyone they should stop sipping the drink, he did offer some advice: "If you livin' a lifestyle and don't understand everything and you're not willing to take the good and the bad with that lifestyle, you need to go find you another way to live."

The former XXL Freshman is gearing up for the Sept. 22 release of his long-awaited debut album, Humble Beast. The project includes the songs "Red Snow" and "4 Minutes of Hell, Pt. 5," and features guest appearances from Lil Yachty, Lil Bibby, Bump J, Lil Uzi Vert and Jeremih.

Checkout G Herbo's interview below.

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