It appears that Soulja Boy really has changed his life around.

On Thursday (Sept. 26), the rapper's manager Miami Mike told TMZ that Soulja Boy has officially let go of his previous addictions to alcohol and drugs, including lean. Before he was arrested for a probation violation back in April, Soulja Boy weighed 130 lbs. Since he was released from jail back in July, Big Draco has reportedly gained 50 lbs and cut out all types of toxins from his everyday routine.

According to Miami Mike, Soulja used to kill his appetite every time he sipped on lean. Since cutting the drug from his daily regimen, the rapper is reportedly eating better and working out more than before. His lifestyle change has also helped stabilize his bank account. Soulja reportedly spent $500 to $800 on lean per day.

Soulja Boy's road to sobriety happened after he was released from jail five months earlier than expected over the summer. He began making changes in his life shortly after he attained his freedom. Once he swore to reduce his screentime on social media, Soulja also kicked a bunch of people out of his San Fernando Valley home. His former associates were previously living at his home when his property was reportedly burglarized while he was incarcerated.

Back in June, Soulja Boy asserted that he would have the greatest comeback of 2019 upon his release. It seems as though Big Draco is doing everything he can to keep his word.

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