Charles Hamilton defends everyone's right to speak their truth, and that goes for 6ix9ine. In a series of tweets posted to his timeline today (Feb. 21), Hamilton warned his Twitter followers of an incoming rant. In a string of subsequent tweets, the rapper spoke about the mental anguish that comes with fame. After one follower encouraged him to speak his truth, Hamilton responded by name-dropping Tekashi as someone who should also be allowed to do so.

"With this tweet being online, NO ONE should condemn Tekashi 6ix9ine for speaking HIS truth. Yeah... let me like lay down or summut," Hamilton said in his quoted tweet.

If you've been paying attention to hip-hop over the last few weeks, you know that Tekashi has drawn a lot of criticism after cooperating with federal authorities to identify his Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods associates as the culprits of a series of crimes. According to the now-public transcript of his guilty plea, the Brooklyn rapper admitted that he joined the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods in 2017 and committed various violent incidents in 2018. He also admitted that he paid his associate Kooda B to try to shoot Chief Keef.

While artists like Boosie BadAzz have shunned the embattled rapper for cooperating with the federal government, Hamilton believes that Tekashi should be able to speak his truth regardless of what people say. The Harlem rapper says that he knows how it feels to be censored by society.

"I say what's on my mind and get censored. But I swallow it and get injured. So I sip Ensure. Insecure," Hamilton said in response to a fan.

Hamilton is also planning to drop his first project in three years in March. The project, which is reportedly called Nxt Szn drops March 17. See everything Hamilton's got to say in the gallery below.

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