Cardi B has threatened legal action against the company USA Wellness Wave, who used the rapper's likeness to endorse their product in a recent commercial.

Cardi B Threatens Legal Action Against Company That Used AI to Impersonate Her

On Wednesday (Nov. 22) a Cardi fan on X, formerly known as Twitter, brought the ad to the rapper's attention. The company USA Wellness Wave appeared to be advertising a stimulus payment program and used a poorly done voiceover pretending to be Cardi in order to endorse the program. The ad also included A.I.-generated videos of the Bronx-bred rapper, and Cardi wrote on X this should be a slam-dunk case.

"AI is crazy smh," she wrote in the tweet below. "Another lawsuit that fell right on my lap…I love easy money."

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Cardi B Hints at Forgiving Tasha K After Her Emotional Post

Cardi is no stranger to winning lawsuits. Back in October, the Invasion of Privacy rapper hopped on X to host a Spaces where she chatted with her fans about her previously won defamation case against blogger Tasha K. During her time on Spaces, she said she may be open to forgiving Tasha who earlier that month posted an emotional video describing her troubled childhood and the financial struggles she's experiencing in the wake of her current bankruptcy case.

"My friends always tell me this. They say toughest, weakest b**ch," Cardi said. "But my heart is very big. And I'm not going to make decisions right away...because I got burnt so many times in life."

She went on to say: "Surprisingly, it doesn't make me happy. "I don't want to make wrong decisions. That's why I wanna talk to mom tomorrow. I'm gon' talk to my lawyers. But stop hurting people. Stop hurting people. Take a breather [and] think."

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See Cardi B threatening legal action against a company for using A.I. to impersonate her below.

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