Cardi B has hinted that she may forgive Tasha K after the YouTuber posted an emotional video apologizing for her role in spreading rumors about the rap superstar.

Cardi B Hints at Forgiving Tasha K After Her Emotional Post

On Thursday (Oct. 26), Cardi hopped on X, formerly known as Twitter, and hosted a Spaces where she chatted with her fans for 30 minutes. During her session, the Bronx, N.Y. rapper hinted that she may forgive Tasha K who posted an emotional video recounting her troubled childhood and the financial struggles that she is going through with her current bankruptcy case. Bardi won a $4 million judgment against Tasha K in her defamation case.

Although she didn't mention Tasha K by name, the Grammy Award-winning rapper told her followers in the audio below that she's feeling sympathetic for someone who is going through hard times. But stressed not to mistake her kindness for weakness.

"My friends always tell me this. They say toughest, weakest bitch," Cardi said. "But my heart is very big. And I'm not going to make decisions right away...because I got burnt so many times in life."

"But I'm going to talk to my mom," she continued. "Because, let me tell you something, I can tell when somebody is going through some shit. And I can tell when they don't have nobody to talk to."

Cardi added: "Surprisingly, it doesn't make me happy. "I don't want to make wrong decisions. That's why I wanna talk to mom tomorrow. I'm gon' talk to my lawyers. But stop hurting people. Stop hurting people. Take a breather [and] think."

"And I'm not telling y'all this because like I said that I'm this type of person, "Aw, she's so nice. Cardi is such a nice person." 'Cause bitch, I could get real f**kin' nasty," she concluded.

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Tasha K Shares Emotional Video

Cardi B's comments come after YouTuber Tasha K went online on Wednesday (Oct. 25) and delivered an emotional testimony about the trials and tribulations she has faced in the past year. One of the topics she discussed was the Nicki Minaj and Cardi beef, which Tasha claims she tried to help resolve.

"I truly want to see Nicki and Cardi," Tasha K said in the clip below. "And I've said this to Nicki and she didn't like it...I said, 'You and Cardi are the same.' She was like, 'What?' I said, 'You are the same. But, the difference is, I'm giving you grace and I hold her accountable, but you're older.'"

"They are truly the same, and they have good traits and they make people excited," she continued. "They get their brands excited, but one who is experienced is not sharing her wisdom with someone who's young and up-and-coming. And I know that's hard for her because of how the industry tore her down. But Nicki has the tools and the resources to help pull this young lady up. And even if she helps to pull her up, it's not gonna pull Nicki the f**k down."

Tasha also talked about Cardi B's recent post about being harassed by trolls. The YouTuber said she reached out to the "Bongos" rapper to offer her support.

Cardi B sued Tasha K for defamation in 2019 after the gossip vlogger posted a video accusing Cardi of being a prostitute and doing drugs. Cardi B won the case in January of 2022. Tasha apologized to Cardi B earlier this year.

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Listen to Cardi B's audio and watch Tasha K's emotional video below.

Listen to Cardi B Hinting at Forgiving Tasha K After YouTuber's Emotional Post

Watch Tasha K's Emotional Post

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