Cardi B is claiming she has no album coming after a disturbing spat with trolls who keep criticizing her.

Cardi B Engages With Online Trolls Who Criticize Her Work Ethic

In a series of since-deleted tweets on X, formerly known as Twitter, on Monday (Oct. 16), Cardi B engaged in some intense back-and-forth arguments with a number of social media users who are questioning her work ethic when it comes to creating music. Following a disturbing rant that some may deem as unhinged, the Bronx, N.Y. rapper declared that she will not be releasing a new project.

After one X user accused Cardi of "lying about a big surprise" she was supposed to announce on Instagram Live regarding a new song, another user came at Bardi, putting her drive for creativity in question.

"Cardi the only Mexican I know that don't work hard," The X user wrote.

In response, Cardi B slid into the tweet's comments section with, "Hope you and ur mom die."

After one X user caught a glimpse of Cardi's pointed clap back, they extended a warning to the New York rhymer regarding her response by tweeting, "Keep wishing death on people and watch how it come back to you."

"Idgaf f**k all y'all," Cardi B replied. "Y'all can call me Mexican bring me down, hurt my feelings talk s**t about everything this why I don't release music."

She later added: "I just wanna put a bullet in my head"

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Cardi B Claims There's No Album Coming After Heated Exchanges on X

From there, Cardi unleashed a few tweets of her own, calling out those who constantly criticize her and claiming that as a result, there won't be a new album on the way. After replying "I DON'T WANT TO DO MUSIC" to a fan who offered some words of encouragement, she simply tweeted, "THERES NO ALBUM."

Cardi B's Has Hinted That Her Critics Hinder Her

This isn't the first time Cardi B has expressed her disdain for the criticism she receives in the public space. Back in December of 2022, Bardi hit up Instagram Live to open up about what holds her back from releasing new music.

"When it comes to the music, I just be feeling like I don't be liking anything," Cardi B explained. "I feel like I got so many songs, I just don't like nothing. Like nothing is good enough. I got so much f**king money saved up, I be like, 'Yeah, whatever the f**k.'"

"I used to love to make music," she added. "But now, making music to me has become a job that gives me anxiety. Everybody just critique everything that I do that it's just like sometimes you just don't want to do something that may give you that much anxiety. I just be freezing myself."

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XXL has reached out to Cardi B's team for an official statement on the matter.

In the series of deleted tweets below, see what Cardi B had to say to the internet trolls.

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