Cardi B is clapping back at people who had something negative to say after a photo surfaced of her smoking a cigarette on her birthday.

Cardi B Responds to Cigarette Backlash

Cardi B celebrated her 31st birthday on Wednesday (Oct. 11), with a party where she was given lavish gifts from her husband Offset. A photo was captured of Bardi indulging in a cigarette, which has gotten negative reactions. On Thursday (Oct. 12), the Bronx, N.Y. rapper responded to the backlash online.

"You muthaf**kas judging me because I smoked a little cigarette?" Cardi snapped in the Instagram video below. "First of all, let me talk about you n***as. Y'all out here drinking fake lean. You n***as is out here drinking Nyquil mixed with Benadryl. Y'all not even getting the right muthaf**kin Percs. Y'all popping pills, bitch, full of Fentanyl."

"Let me talk about you b*****s," she continued. "You b*****s went from popping Percs to popping Zannies and s**t. You b*****s walking around here with sleepy p***y...Leave me the f**k [alone]."

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Cardi B's New Album

Cardi B is in album mode after releasing her new single "Bongos" featuring Megan Thee Stallion. Last month, she confirmed the album will be dropping in 2024, which will be six years after the release of her Grammy winning debut album Invasion of Privacy.

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See video of Cardi B responding to negative comments about her smoking a cigarette below.

Watch Cardi B Clap Back and Critics of Her Smoking a Cigarette

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