Although Cardi B has made it perfectly clear that her debut album will be arriving on her own timeline, recently stating that she’s going to take her time “till it’s right,” that doesn’t mean she’s not being generous with teasers, and even showing love to Juvenile in the process.

Days after previewing a previously-unheard track snippet on Instagram, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper once again decided to help keep her fans warm this winter, teasing some new heat she may have on the way on social media.

Hopping on Instagram, the Bronx, N.Y., native filmed herself rapping along to her latest, writing in the caption, “;) @itschubbiebaby when the fuck this shit coming out ??!!”

The snippet, which is relatively revealing given its length, features Cardi absolutely going in and showcasing how much work she's been putting in to refine her bars.

"Where he at? K.O.D.’s/Where I’m at I’m at LIV/What I’m doing? Poppin’ pussy/Where he at? At the crib/Who I’m wit? Whatchu mean? I’m where all the cash at/All this shmoney made a bitch have her bags packed," she spits. "I ride that dick like a Porsche, Gucci bag Prada shorts and I play with his balls/I should try out for sports/I thought you was the wife/Guess y'all got a divorce."

The track continues to play, with Cardi visibly having fun while proudly teasing this one.

"No vacation, now you’re hating/Guess that’s your last resort/I can’t stand when a nigga say he knew me/It’s a new me now/Still a ramen noodles type-a bitch but I’m boogie now," Cardi raps. "Hairwrap doobie style/Back it up, Juvenile/ Drop it low, Doo Doo Brown /Made him smile through his root canal."

Sheesh. She might have another banger on the way. Check out Cardi B's latest in the post below.

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