With increased stardom comes increased controversy, and that's exactly what the ascendant Cardi B's found herself enveloped by after one Twitter user pulled up older tweets of Cardi using the term "roach," believing she was referring to dark-skinned Black women. Now, Cardi's stepped forth to defend herself. Peep what she's got to say in the video and gallery below.

According to Cardi, "roach" is simply a slang term she and others from the Bronx have been using for years. The first part of Cardi's response came in the form of a tweet containing a video of her using the word to describe herself. In the vid, she does, indeed, refer to herself using that term, saying she blossomed from "a roach to a butterfly."

"I called MY OWN self a reach before so stop it !its a word I use ALOt Bronx bitches use a lot stop trying to make it into some racist shit," Cardi says in the tweet attached to the video. In a few tweets before and after she posted the video, she also claims people are simply out to ruin her moment, which has been fueled by her hit single, "Bodak Yellow."

"Motherfuckers been trying to fuk my shit up all day,The devil really working but yaa and the devil ARE invited to this DICK," Cardi wrote in another tweet. Of course, this controversy caused the resurfacing of another, specifically speaking, a time when Cardi used the word "tranny" to describe members of the trans community. She wasn't having it, though, because she says she's already apologized in the past.

"I did along ass time ago ,I'm not going to be getting crucified every time nikkas want to defame me fuck outta here," she wrote in a now-deleted tweet.

Check all of what Cardi's got to say below. Also, be sure to peep her performance of "Bodak Yellow" at the 2017 Veld Fest a few days ago.

Cardi B Defends Her Using the Word Roach

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