For the past three yearsCanibus and Marty McKay have worked together to create The Matrix Theory 1, a collaborative EP that will mark the first of five the two plan on releasing. Now, we know the release date for the effort.

Recently, the two artists revealed that Matrix Theory 1 will drop on Dec. 10. It will feature guest appearances from Chris Rivers (son of the late Big Pun), Rootwords and Wrekonize.

Ahead of the project's release, Canibus and McKay released "Drugs Make the World Go Round," which features Rootwords. The focus of the track is on the role that drugs play in people's day-to-day.

"'Cause drugs make the world go 'round/In fact, the world spin slower whenever the world slows down/Addiction is normal/Socialize, someone to talk to," goes the hook for the song.

Canibus' and Marty McKay's Matrix Theory 1 EP is now available for pre-order and it will drop on Dec. 10. In the meantime, check out their track "Drugs Make the World Go Round" and the EP's tracklist below.

Canibus' and Marty McKay's Matrix Theory 1 EP Tracklist

1. "The Warning (Intro)"
2. "The Matrix"
3. "Agent Smith" featuring Wrekonize and Chris Rivers
4. "Drugs Make the World Go Round" featuring Rootwords

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2018 McKay Entertainment

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