Cam'ron has not forgotten about his issues with Jay Z. Although Killa Cam has shown Hov some begrudging respect this year, he was not willing to go that far when asked about Jay's S. Carter sneakers.

The Dipset member was asked if he would wear a famous rapper's shoes. Cam'ron was given options like Pharrell and Kanye West. But when Cam was shown Jay Z's shoe, he slapped the picture out of the interviewer's hand. The veteran MC is clearly not over the beef, which allegedly stems from Jay blocking Cam from becoming the vice president of Roc-A-Fella Records.

Cam'ron's beef with Jay might be on the back burner, but his problems with Jim Jones have come to forefront again in 2016. The two have traded shots throughout the year, although Cam has claimed he's not going hard at his Dipset brethren.

“Jim’s issues with me or whatever… I know Jim’s moms and kids, his son rather, and his sisters,” Cam said. “As hard as I would go against somebody else, I wouldn’t go hard on Jim like that. That’s still my man regardless of what people see in the public or media or whatever.”

Fans should be hearing some new music from Cam'ron soon as he recently announced a new mixtape. The project will serve as a prelude to his Killa Season 2 album, which did not drop in the fall like he originally planned.

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