Bryson Tiller's Trapsoul turned one year old on Oct. 2, and the Louisville singer has kept his buzz strong since, appearing on DJ Khaled's album Major Key and dropping a "Rambo" remix with The Weeknd back in March. He as well has appeared on a few collaborative songs with Fat Joe and Chris Brown, and Wednesday night (Oct. 12) he posted the above track, "Let Me Explain," to SoundCloud unannounced.

Produced by Phonix, the track shows Tiller manning up for his recent behavior, telling his significant other, "don't be afraid to tell me that it's over." It's familiar territory for R&B acts, and Bryson opens the track singing of trust issues and bad behavior. "You used to come keep me company/Tell me you love me and trust me/Oh and it took a while to trust me girl I had to work for it/Still you don’t judge me, I love the way you touch me/I’m feeling like I’m 'bout to lose you/With all the shady shit I do to ya," he says.

In late May, Tiller teased a potential new project She Got My Soul, with a since deleted Instagram post showing a shadowy Tiller standing out front of a concert venue or movie theater under a sign debuting his new nickname, Pen Affleck. "Let Me Explain" then could be the first single off that upcoming project, or the latest entry in his post-Trapsoul catalog. It is noteworthy though that the track is Tiller's first on SoundCloud in four months and, as seen above, doesn't feature the Trapsoul artwork.

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