Last November, the week of Thanksgiving, Boosie BadAzz made a shocking revelation. The cult hero from Baton Rouge, who just 18 months prior had secured an improbable release from prison, announced on his Instagram account that he was suffering from cancer. The post was hastily deleted, but the word was out, and his fans were in disbelief. Before the end of the year, he underwent surgery that was reportedly successful in removing part of his kidney, leaving him cancer-free.

On New Year's Day, Boosie chronicled his emotional low points in a new album, the brief In My Feelings (Goin' Thru It). The standout song from the collection, "Cancer," detailed in plain terms his struggle with the disease.

Now, only one month later, he returns with a new record. Out My Feelings (In My Past) is not exactly a one-for-one trade: the new LP is nearly twice as long, sporting 18 songs. Nor is it breezy where the last was heavy; in fact, some of the songs on Out My Feelings are as gritty and hard-hitting as anything in Boosie's illustrious catalog to date.

But what the album does do is recast Boosie as the conflicted, empathetic hero he always was before the doctors and surgeons. There are still vulnerable moments, times when Boosie doubts himself, but they're not couched in the worry that he might be taken before he has time to play out all the various battles. As always, he's one of hip-hop's most engaging writers and most distinct voices. Stream Out My Feelings (In My Past) in its entirety below.

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