Bhad Bhabie may be young, but she's not a stranger to stirring up controversy in the spotlight.

The 14-year-old rapper, who is known as "Cash Me Ousside Girl" Danielle Bregoli, drops the official remix for her popular "Hi Bich" track. This new version, which features YBN Nahmir, Rich The Kid and Asian Doll, sends out a serious diss to Iggy Azalea.

On her verse for the remix, Bhabie addresses those who have been comparing her style and voice to the "Fancy" pop star. Both the rappers have distinct accents in their music, which fans and listeners have been frequently pointing out, but Bhabie wants people to know that she is nothing like Azalea.

"Bitch, don't compare me to Iggy," Bhabie rhymes. "That old hoe is washed and I'm lit/Wouldn't pay her to wash up my whip (Bye, broke bitch, bye, hoe)."

So far, Azalea hasn't responded to Bhad Bhabie's lyrics. While the diss towards Iggy is one of the standout moments of the remix, Bhabie's guests also fire off some notable lyrics in their verses. Nahmir sends some warning shots to those who flex in public, but don't have money in their bank accounts. "You lil' niggas broke/All that flexin', just stop it," Nahmir raps. "I cop me an Audi, that top, I'ma drop it/I pick up your bitch, now them panties keep droppin'."

On the second verse, Rich The Kid delivers some heated bars, where he name-drops Kylie Jenner and E.T. for some punchlines.

I might take her on the jet if I like it/Side bitch, Kylie," Rich spits. "If I dick her one time, what she gon' buy me?/Come straight out the sky like I'm E.T./Fuck that, bitch, my pinky ring 3D."

Asian Doll also doesn't disappoint, as she makes some metaphors referring to Kobe Bryant while calling out the chicks who aren't exactly truthful in the public eye.

"Hi, bitch, got a .30, don't try it," Doll rhymes. "Ball out the mall, I'm like Kobe, just buy shit/Sick of these bitches, they lie quick/Clip shoot a movie, now talkers, directors, you dyin'."

Take a listen to the "Hi Bich (Remix)" below.

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