Bhad Bhabie has just posted a social media message that's left many concerned.

On Friday (March 6), the “Bestie” rapper wrote in a now-deleted Instagram Story post, “Y’all only gonna b happy when I kill myself on god like y’all hate me so bad for whats the reason what did I personally do to any of y’all!!! Y’all hate me for standing up and defending myself y’all hate me[.] If I get a tan y’all hate me if my hair is curly y’all hate me if I get a tattoo y’all hate me ifI breathe!! Y’all never give me a fucking break. This shit is stupid asf I see why ppl kill them selfs over internet hate.”

This isn't the first time the 16-year-old rapper has spoken on the criticism she's faced for tanning her skin or styling her hair the way she does. In December of 2019, Bhabie called out Black women who criticized her for wearing box braids.

"Lol I knew the internet would find away to flip what I was saying," Bhabie said in her response IG post at the time. "So first of all my comment was NOT directed towards ALL black women wear straight hair only Towards the black women who were saying I was trying to b black bc I was wearing braids all I did was say back to them what they said to me by saying they want to b like other culture for wearing straight Peruvian, Indian, and other hair types. Its dumb of me to say that huh? But why is it okay for someone to accuse me of doing something I'm not but when I do the EXACT SAME THING back I'm wrong.

"And btw I didn't call black women bald headed either that was in a whole different comment that was made about all the ppl who also had something to say about me there was multiple other races too even some white women were accusing me," the rapper continued. "And no I do not personally feel offended if Black women wears a straight wig and I never even said that idk were tf y'all get some of this shit from like why would I b bothered by the way another girl decided to wear THEIR hair that shit anit got nothing to do with me as long as she feels she looks good who tf cares it's just fucking hair but that twisting ppls words shit anit gonna work with me imma always make sure you know exactly what the fuck I mean when I say something."

XXL has reach out to Bhad Bhabie's camp for comment.

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