The Benny The Butcher and Freddie Gibbs situation has gone from zero to 100 real quick, with Benny now bringing Freddie's girlfriend into the mix.

On Thursday (Aug. 25), Benny upped the ante on the drama by posting photos on Twitter of Gangsta Gibbs' partner. The first photo shows the woman licking the top of Freddie Gibbs' bald head. The second photo shows the same woman giving a man fellatio.

"You gotta be careful," Benny The Butcher captioned the scandalous spread. "She'll put that tongue anywhere."

Freddie Gibbs has since responded to the taunt, appearing to confirm the woman in the explicit photo is indeed the woman he is seeing.

"Oh yeah fam I knew my girl did porn when I met her," Freddie wrote on his Instagram Story. "Y'all some detectives tho. Try again champ."

"U wish yo wife was this bad fam I seen her she ain't it," Freddie added in a follow-up post.

Freddie Gibbs' girlfriend has even appeared to respond to the latest smear attempt from Benny.

Seemingly unfazed, she shared a censored version of the photos Benny posted along with the caption, "Thanks @getbenny I was wondering where all those new subscribers were coming from 😘."

Freddie Gibbs and Benny The Butcher's beef sparked publicly in March when Benny said his working relationship with Freddie "came and went." Freddie reacted with vitriol to Benny's statement. Freddie continued to provoke the situation until things came to a head in May in Buffalo, N.Y. Freddie Gibbs was jumped at a restaurant with one of his chains being snatched in the process. Gibbs still performed later than night with a visibly bruised face.

Benny inexplicably put the beef on broil yesterday (Aug. 24), when he shared video of Freddie's chain on Instagram, which led to social media mud-slinging between the rappers. Benny The Butcher later egged on the situation by sharing video wearing the chain and recounting Freddie's beating.

Check out the Messy Back-and-Forth Between Benny The Butcher and Freddie Gibbs Below

Benny The Butcher tweets photo of Freddie Gibbs girlfriend
Freddie Gibbs responds dot Benny The Butcher posting an explicit phot of his girlfriend
Freddie Gibbs comments on Benny The Butcher

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