B.o.B. lashes out at music industry politicians and two-faced homies on "Fake Friends," an energetic new track featuring the vocal stylings of Wurld. You can hear the new track for yourself below.

As should be expected after reading the song title, Bobby Ray doesn't pull many punches on "Fake Friends." Over the course of two verses, he does some serious venting. "I don't have a lot of friends I just know a lot of people/So numb to backstabbers all I feel is pens and needles," the Atlanta MC raps over a hyperactive piano.

He continues, "All I see is vultures--people who love they job more than they love the culture/Making decisions on who gets a listen/On how many spins--rap politicians/Fuck a chart this is art/Poison dart through your heart."

That's when Wurld comes in with some slightly distorted vocals for the chorus, singing, "Hello friends, how've you been," before ultimately saying he's comfortable raising his middle finger by the end of the hook.

This venting session comes a few weeks after Bobby Ray came at crooked politicians with his song “Run Tthe Night (The Siege)." “Who put the con in economy?/Prolly the same ones that put the sun in astronomy/Common sense ain’t as common as one would think/To program ya they do it subconsciously/You such a patriot/Down for your country, but your country never gave a shit/I’m I a citizen here or i’m I just paying ya rent?" B.o.B raps on the politically-charged track.

With those two songs in mind, it's clear B.o.B. has a lot on his mind, and we should expect to hear more of his ferocious lyrics in the near future.

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