Aston Matthews is still waiting on the right time to drop his new album Chapovelli, but the Los Angeles native is ready to start a new weekly series. Matthews does not have a big title to tag his weekly series with like G.O.O.D. Fridays. Instead, the Aston 3:16 rapper is simply gonna drop some new heat each week until the end of May or beginning of June.

To kick off this weekly series, Aston Matthews drops the new single "Days Like This" featuring San Antonio rapper Izaq Roland. The track is more of a showcase for Roland as Matthews contributes just one verse to the record. Roland gets to be the star of the show here as he not only handles the opening verse and hook, but also produced the single.

"Days Like This" features a low-key production with Izaq Roland dominating the song with his AutoTuned delivery. About halfway into the record, Aston Matthews finally makes his presence felt with an intense verse before handing control back over to Roland.

The new series is a way for Aston Matthews to get fans excited about Chapovelli, which is coming soon. Matthews previously spoke to XXL about the concept for the album.

"Pac did Makaveli, I'm a big Max B fan and he had the Biggaveli shit. And then my homie put me on to this book, that Machiavelli shit [The Prince] so I started dabbling in that," he said. "And everything was connecting to religion, and I was questioning my own faith throughout the year with everything that was going on with Yams and all these other things that was happening in my personal life. So then it just made sense. The wave and then 'Pac, that rough shit, fuse the two, I feel like that's me: the wave and the aggression. And then religion, that's my beliefs, and then questioning it is just my life. So that's why I say it's almost like my offering; in a religious sense it's almost like, 'Here, this is what I have, it's all on the line, take my artistry for what it is.' 'Cause I'm at a different place; it's not the same rap shit no more. It's aggressive but it's also progression at the same time. It's not the same Aston Matthews no more."

Check out the entire interview with Aston Matthews for insight on the new LP as well as how he coped with the loss of his mentor ASAP Yams.

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