After being behind bars since July 2, it looks like A$AP Rocky is about to be released from a Swedish prison.

According to BBC reporter Maddy Savage, a judge ruled on Friday (Aug. 2) that a verdict for Rocky's Sweden assault case will be announced on Aug. 14 and that the defendants—Rocky, Bladimir Emilio Corniel and David Tyrone Rispers—don't have to remain in police custody. They also don't have to stay in Sweden.

The judge’s decision arrives days after the trial for the case commenced in Sweden on Tuesday. One focal point of the trial is determining whether or not Rocky and his two co-defendants used bottles in their fight. Prosecutors argue that Rocky and his entourage used bottles in the brawl, and they say that indicates that the fight wasn't just a matter of self-defense.

One witness who offered testimony today claimed she didn't see Rocky or anyone in his crew throw a bottle during the fight. Her friend also testified that they didn't see anyone throw a bottle at Jafari or pick one up to use in the fight.

Rocky's lawyer has argued against prosecutors' claims that his attack was one he coordinated with his entourage. The lawyer also put down the notion that Rocky was kicking his accuser, insisting that the rapper was actually just standing on the 19-year-old Mustafa Jafari instead of kicking him while he was down.

This whole situation stems from a street brawl Rocky and his crew got into that turned viral on July 1. On that day, a video surfaced that showed Rocky and his entourage fighting one man in the streets of Stockholm, Sweden.

The following day, the Harlem rapper told his side of the story and shared video of the incident that was not previously aired. In his clip, the two men can been seen following the rapper and accusing him of breaking some headphones according to witnesses, while Rocky and crew try to inform them to leave them alone. One of the men even strikes Rocky's bodyguard with their headphones, and that might have been what ultimately set off the fight.

Two days after the June 30 brawl, Rocky visited police headquarters where he was arrested and charged on suspicion of assault. Rocky has been behind bars since.

While Rocky is not out of legal trouble yet—prosecutors argued that he should be sentenced to six months in prison for the brawl and that verdict will arrive in a little under two weeks—it looks like he'll be coming home soon.

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