The world of rap and magic are about to collide. On July 17, the folks at Fuse will debut a brand-new magic show by the name of HipHop Houdini, a show that finds uber-talented hip-hop magician Smoothini working his powers on slightly unsuspecting rappers from all over.

A 7Beyond production, HipHop Houdini provides a steady stream of inventive trickery guided by the expert hand of Smoothini, who works his powers of illusion and sleight of hand on the likes of rappers like Iggy Azalea, A$AP Ferg, Waka Flocka Flame, Fat Joe and Lil Jon.

In a first look at the trailer for the show, we see folks like Ferg, Iggy and Joey Crack beginning to get worked over by Smoothini, who got his start performing close-up illusions in New York City.

In one clip, we see Ferg commend Smoothini, who's of Dominican descent, for performing a trick that seemingly made him recall his childhood. In another, we see that Iggy is perfectly calm before the magician asks her about the name of her hit single, "Black Widow." A fraction of a second later, a sizable spider materializes on the table in front of them and Iggy shrieks. It feels like there will be more epic moments where that one came from.

While he had fun shooting scenes with everyone involved in the new show, Smoothini tells XXL that the chance to perform for one particular N-Y legend stood out from the rest.

"They were all fun, but I have to say since I grew up listening to Fat Joe, and bought albums as a teen, he was the most surreal to deal with," he reveals. "And we are from the same general area. So it didn't even feel like performing for a celebrity. But more like one of the guys from around my way. But honestly they were all fun in different ways."

Check out the trailer for the Michael Krupat and Adam Vetri-executive-produced new show HipHop Houdini for yourself below.

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