Madison, Wisc. native Trapo links up with Alex Wiley for "Blink," which is produced by Thelonious Martin. Spin it below.

Trapo is only 18 but his musicality and thought-provoking lyrics make the youngster an artist to look out for. "Blink" is a wonderful example of Trapo's talent. Over a blend of saxophones and keys, his melodic flow shines.

"Back on my side now/And I need to lie down/Tonight's been a rough night/And I had a rough time/I'm working on my sound/It doesn't sound right/Get lost in a loud cloud/Re-up when the sun rise/And I wanna wake up right right/In a Maybach with the weed lit or something/And I don't ever waste my time/We get higher, to a place that/Cut the feedback and assumptions, I don't need that," he raps.

Alex Wiley drops a short but impressive guest verse of his own: "Did it the harder way/I got a part to play/I got some cards to play/Crossed over, no Hardaway/Crossed borders and chartered planes/Look at this artist taste/Extendo blunt, it was hard to face."

Both rappers, along with Thelonious Martin make "Blink" a must-add to any hip-hop fan's iTunes. This is the second song this year in which Trapo and Thelonious joined forces. They previously collaborated on "Road," which dropped earlier this year.

XXL spoke to Trapo for The Break and asked him about his sound.

“As far as my sound I can’t really put a label to it right now because it’s so early," he said. "It’s definitely hip-hop, neo-soul and elements of rock in it. I’m not a rock artist by any means but the production takes piece of all genres to make a new sound.”

Bump "Blink" below.

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