Adrien Broner and Jessie Vargas duked it out on Saturday (April 21) at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y. The bout was lackluster, ending in a majority draw, but per usual, Broner provided some outlandish commentary in the post-fight interview that included name-dropping 6ix9ine.

The plug comes after Broner and the Brooklyn rapper had words on Instagram on Monday (April 16). 6ix initially called the boxer a clown, and Broner responded with a scathing Instagram video. "Ay 6ix9ine, don't be commenting no fuck shit under my pictures, boy. Talking bout, 'clown,' nigga," Broner begins in the video. "The only thing with a red nose from where I'm from is a pitbull, nigga."

Broner continued, "And I get to New York this week, nigga. Muthafucka gon' pull up on you, nigga. I ain't one of these rap niggas you be trolling with. Quit playing wit' me."

The beef looks like it was all for show. Surprisingly, Broner walked to the ring to 6ix9ine's hit "Gummo."  6ix was reportedly supposed to walk out with AB, but was allegedly removed from the arena and not able to do so. During the post-fight interview, Broner lamented he'd won the match, and verbally assaulted Vargas.

"I beat your ass like you stole something. I beat your ass like you got suspended from school," Broner boasted. "Your face swelled up. You need peroxide and alcohol. Your face on 6ix9ine right now, you a blood."

Never a dull moment.

Check out Adrien Broner's post-fight interview where he name-drops 6ix9ine below.

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