One artist to keep an eye out for in 2017 is buzzing Chicago rapper Adamn Killa. With hip-hop being so open to a wider variety of sounds and interesting personalities, the pink hair spitta will definitely catch some attention.

The latest video from him is his bouncy single "Commas," which was a collaboration with producer Ryan Hemsworth. The video, which is directed by Will Hoopes, finds the rappes spitting while traveling through outer space and sitting on top of a mountain.

"Damn I hate these niggas they act worse than a bitch/Bitch ass nigga keyed my car, damn ain't that some shit/Somebody out here mad I'm making money again/I been making money since I was a lil' kid/Now I'm 19, I'm finna get me a crib/Niggas mad they still live with they parents 'n shit/Check my account I see a couple commas in it/A nigga still not care about some stupid comments," Adamn raps.

Adamn Killa's "Commas" video is a fun watch and a good listen. If you want to bump more of Killa's music, peep his latest mixtape Mr 650 that's produced entirely by DP Beats below. Watch the video for "Commas" above.

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