A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie and Tee Grizzley might take their styles from different stomping grounds, but the two seem to work well together on a track. The Bronx and Detroit native link up for A Boogie's new song "Became Legends," where they share their stories of coming from the bottom and hitting the top.

Over the piano-infused instrumental produced by Helluva, Grizzley kicks things off by remarking his and Boogie's journey to success after coming from the trenches of their home cities.

"The watch look good plain gold, I'm still gon' flood it though/You spent all that money on that chain, what you tuckin' for?" Grizzley rhymes. "Me and Boogie from the trenches, we became legends/Me and my niggas was good kids, we became felons/Won't let them trip me off the streets, I was raised better."

During his verse, A Boogie flexes on his haters, and even pays homage to Drake's "You wasn't with me shooting in the gym" line while also name-dropping Washington Wizards baller John Wall.

"I remember gettin' my first watch, that shit was Michael Kors/But now I'm pullin' up in shit that niggas can't afford," Boogie raps. "You wasn't shit to me my nigga, now you try and call/You wasn't with me in the gym, you wasn't John Wall/The penitentiary got me sittin' here like 'Fuck the law.'"

This is the first material fans are receiving from the "Drowning" rapper since he dropped his The Bigger Artist debut album last year. Fans are still awaiting the debut album to come from Tee Grizzley, which should hopefully get a release date sometime this year.

Take a listen to A Boogie and Tee Grizzley's new song "Became Legends" in the stream below.

Atlantic Records
Atlantic Records

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