Despite his naysayers, 6ix9ine continues to be outside unchallenged.

Last night (April 23), the rapper-federal informant performed his first concert since being released from prison last April. Tekashi had a packed show at Tier Nightclub in Orlando, Fla. From the looks of the footage, the event was well attended and went off without a hitch.

One video posted to social media shows the line for the concert wrapped around the corner. More footage from the actual show reveals the Brooklyn, N.Y. rhymer had an enthusiastic full crowd as he ran through his popular singles. During a performance of "Kooda," Tekashi actually jumped into the sea of humanity before being helped out of the crowd by his security unscathed.

6ix9ine returned to social media in February of this year following a hiatus after his TatteTales album, released in late 2020, undersold. He had an infamous run-in with Meek Mill outside a Miami restaurant days later. After releasing his latest single "ZaZa" in February, 6ix9ine went viral for a scathing rant on Instagram Live, in which he dissed the late King Von and others.

Tekashi's been relatively quiet recently. Earlier this month, he updated fans on his absence. "To all my fans I love you ... I’m sorry I been away from music," he captioned a video of himself greeting fans in the Dominican Republic. "In all reality I’m not happy. The fame and the money doesn’t mean anything to me because it doesn’t bring me joy. I say all this because when your chasing your dreams in life remember God comes first. Never lose sight of that. He blesses you in life because he sees the good in your heart and with that blessing you learn to bless others. I will continue my journey to find happiness within myself and find the joy I once had."

See Tekashi's full performance at Tier Nightclub in Orlando, Fla. below.

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