50 Cent still has no shame about firing shots at Irv Gotti and Ja Rule.

Last night (July 18), footage of both Gotti and Ja getting into an intense argument with people inside New York City's SOBs for a Murder Inc. showcase surfaced online. After it made its rounds on social media timelines everywhere, 50 eventually saw the video and felt compelled to post his reaction. In a couple of Instagram posts he uploaded Friday morning (July 19), 50 laughs hysterically as he replays the intense moment for his followers.

"Look at this bitch-ass nigga DJ. He can't even breathe and shit," 50 says as he mocks the commands of someone in the video. "SOBs access denied. Look at these niggas yo. Oh shit."

The video doesn't show what led up to Gotti and Rule's shouting match with SOBs security but that doesn't matter to the G-Unit founder. After mocking their viral argument, 50, who was in Saudi Arabia for the World Jeddah Fest, flips the camera over to his side of the screen and cackles with his crew while on a private plane.

As of this report, Irv Gotti and Ja Rule have not confirmed what sparked the argument inside SOBs. It's unclear what point of the night Ja Rule and Gotti got into their confrontation with security, but Ja did end up taking the stage to perform, so it looks like things worked out.

Ja also responded to 50 by posting a video of a rat showering and a copy of what he purports to be the rumored police paperwork Gotti and Ja say 50 filed against them.

"Curtis is that you... of ALL people you know what it feel like to get yo ass whoop by me my niggas lol... SCARED FOR YOUR LIFE AS NIGGA... oh I know this paperwork is FAKE too lmao... I CHALLENGE ANY BLOG ANY NEWS OUTLET see if those officers on this paperwork exists find them interview them 50 you pee sitting down bitch ass nigga... #lilcurtisratson #iwantsmoke," Ja Rule wrote in the caption.

Check out the videos and Ja Rule's response below.

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