It's been over a week since Jay Electronica threatened to slap 50 Cent's eyeballs loose. Usually such an action would surely invoke a swift response from the normally feisty MC, but Fif has seemed to shrug off the direct verbal intimidation. It looks like we now know why. According to the G-Unit boss, he doesn't even know who Jay Electronica is.

Curits was recently prowling on Instagram when one user posed the question we've all been kind of wondering for the past several days. "You scared to respond to Jay Electronica?," she wrote. 50 responded with a sad and confused Emoji along with the quip, "Who is that? I don't even know a song from him. LMAO."

Last month, Fif pledged to not get involved in beef with rappers who haven't sold a substantial amount of records. “From now on, no more competition with n!ggas that didn’t sell over one million records,” 50 told the crowd while letting out a tirade against Meek Mill. Technically, Jay Elec would fall under that category seeing as he has yet to put out a retail body of work. But with the hard body slick talk the NOLA rapper had, you would think we would at least get a creative meme or two (or 10).

As previously reported, last Saturday (Feb. 6), Jay got on Periscope and started giving his thoughts on a number of topics including the Queens rapper. “50 Cent at once, he was a good rapper,” Electronica noted. “Right now he got the potential to be a rapper but he’s on some sucker shit…and we will slap 50 Cent’s eyeballs loose out his scalp.”

He also referred to Kendrick Lamar as his son and said the Compton rapper wishes he could be him. K. Dot has yet to respond either.


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