50 Cent has finally told Busta Rhymes what everybody has been thinking: his chain is too damn big. In a recent video, Fif pokes fun at Busta for wearing a gigantic gold chain.

50 Cent Jokingly Tells Busta Rhymes His Chain Is Too Big

On Thursday (Aug. 17), 50 Cent shared a behind-the-scenes video, which can seen below, of his The Final Lap Tour stop in Charlotte, N.C., where he hung out with DaBaby, Busta Rhymes and others backstage. In the clip, there is a humorous exchange between Fif and Bussa Buss regarding his large gold accessory that he's wearing around his neck.

That's when 50 playfully roasts Busta about his enormous gold and diamond-encrusted Cuban link necklace and jokingly implies that he doesn't have any real friends.

"Look at this, tell him his chain is too big," 50 teases. "Tell that n***a his chain is too big. He ain't got no friends, they are not telling him."

Everyone has a hearty laugh, including Busta Rhymes himself.

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Busta Rhymes Commissioned a Jeweler to Design His Gigantic Gold Chain

Undoubtedly, Busta Rhymes' gold chain is a massive piece of jewelry. Although it's not as big as T-Pain's "Big Ass Chain" that Atlanta jewelry store Icebox made for him back in 2009. Nevertheless, Busta has been rocking the chain since May after he tapped jeweler TraxNYC to design this humongous gold and diamond-flushed Cuban link chain. In TraxNYC's IG video, the jeweler unveiled the accessory in a box bigger than a mini suitcase. According to Danny, it was a dream come true for Busta and he was happy to facilitate that dream.

TMZ reports that Busta's Cuban link chain is 54mm wide and has over 10,000 diamonds. There's no word on how much the Brooklyn rapper paid to have the chain made. Busta's longtime friend and hype man Spliff Star also received a diamond necklace although not as big as Busta's chain.

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See video of 50 Cent jabbing Busta Rhymes about his chain below.

Watch 50 Cent Poke Fun at Busta Rhymes for Wearing a Gigantic Gold Chain

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