UPDATE (Feb. 14):

Nikita Mathis, the woman caught on camera in the viral video touching Busta Rhymes' butt and getting a drink splashed on her in response, has released a statement in the wake of the uproar caused by the video.

"I didn’t mean to touch his behind,' Mathis tells The Shade Room. "Honestly I was just happy to meet him and wanted a pic been a long time fan I admit I shouldn’t have touch him at all but he’s BUSTA. I felt like I could possibly get a pic…"


Busta Rhymes was spotted throwing a drink at a woman who appears to have grabbed his butt.

On Tuesday (Feb. 14), video footage began to circulate across the internet showing Busta Rhymes taking heavy exception to what he clearly views as a violation of his personal space.  When an overzealous fan took a pinch at the "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See" rapper's backside, Busta Rhymes threw a drink at her.

In the brief clip below, Busta Rhymes and his entourage can be seen walking through what appears to be an airport terminal. As travelers in the airport begin to recognize the Brooklyn rap icon, a woman is seen briskly walking up to Bus before extending her arm out and grabbing a handful of the man's buttocks.

In a split second, a clearly agitated Busta Rhymes instinctively turns around and forcefully pitches whatever beverage he happened to be holding in his hands in the woman's direction, splashing others around him.

With the woman no longer in the frame, the angle of the camera doesn't allow viewers to see whether or not the drink hit the overly excited fan or how she reacted to the unexpected situation. Busta himself has yet to comment on the matter.

While Busta Rhymes certainly appears to want the unwelcome fan to keep her hands where his eyes can see, the "Break Ya Neck" MC has had a few shining moments in the spotlight recently. With the help of New York's DJ Saige, Coi Leray has been breathing new life into Busta's classic 1997 club banger, "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See," with the official remix to her latest single, "Players."

DJ Saige's mash-up of the two tracks has raked in over 750,000 streams on Spotify and has seen an extensive amount of radio play across the country. Coi Leray's original version of "Players" currently sits at No. 28 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.

As for Busta Rhymes himself, the legendary Brooklyn native played a major role in his performance during the 50 Years of hip-hop celebration at the 2023 Grammy Awards on Feb. 5. With a set-stealing stage presence among some hip-hop's most elite acts in history, Busta flawlessly delivered his renowned verse on Chris Brown's Diplo and Afrojack-produced smash hit from 2011, "Look At Me Now," which also features a guest appearance from Lil Wayne.

See Busta Rhymes Throw a Drink at the Woman Who Grabbed His Butt in the Video Below

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