New York will always have rappers who are on the verge, using their music to try to find a place in the state's storied music history. Yuri Joness is pursuing his dreams from just outside of NYC in Amityville, which is located on Long Island. His newest track is "Break Bread," where he raps about what he'll do when he gets as rich and successful as he desires.

The whole chorus is a flex, as to be expected. "I want the finer things, I ain't have shit/Break bread with my niggas, now we lit," he sings over the bright and airy beat. "I just need a cold hundred on my wrist/Chauffeur, I ain't even got a whip."

While Yuri wants to be rich, his real goal is helping those around him. "What you talkin' bout, I'm getting money now/I ain't flexin', I'm just trying to get my mama out," he shares, in an honest moment. But don't get it confused; he's still gonna stunt: "I found another route, already mapped it out/Tell the club owner I'ma get him another couch."

Yuri Joness has been working his way through the game, making sure he gets his name out there. He shot a 2018 XXL Freshman pitch earlier this year and released the song "Same Shit" in January. Yuri also sat down for an interview earlier that month for his turn on XXL's The Break.

Listen to "Break Bread" below and learn how to ball out.

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