The sudden passing of Fredo Santana is hitting the hip-hop community hard, but his friends and loved ones are making sure to honor his memory.

Gleesh releases a new track called "My Condolences," which pays tribute to his fallen friend, as well as A$AP Yams and late rapper Capo. The new song is produced by Plu2o Nash and Mayhem Meech and features FlyGuyTwan and JayT1800. The artwork for the track spotlights a collage of photos of Gleesh posing with each of his late friends.

The Favorite Rapper's Favorite Rapper rhymer delivers some pensive thoughts on grieving his three friends, who have all passed within the past few years. Gleesh even admits that he's been smoking and drinking more since their passing, despite those being factors in their unfortunate deaths.

"Since Fredo died, I been pouring more lean," he raps. "Since Crack died, I been smoking more weed/Since Yams died, I been having crazy dreams."

If you recall, Santana suffered from a fatal seizure last week in his Los Angeles home and was found dead on the floor by his girlfriend. Authorities believed that he suffered from kidney failure, which came after he went to the emergency room last year for kidney and liver damage. Many believe that the damages were in part due to his lean usage.

Take a listen to "My Condolences" from Gleesh in the stream below to hear him honor his fallen friends.

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