Controversial YouTuber White Dolemite tried his infamous "boy" prank on Boosie BadAzz and it didn't turn out well for him.

White Dolemite shared the viral video on his YouTube page on Sunday (Nov. 20). In the clip, WD approaches Boosie, who is with three other men, a child and a woman, in a grocery store.

"Can you hand the mac 'n cheese to me, boy?" he asks. "Boy, I said hand it to me, now."

Boosie BadAzz and his team are perplexed racist request.

"We'll beat your ass," one of the men with Boosie warns.

"Who you talking to like that?" another member of the rapper's team questions.

"Boosie," White Dolemite confirms. "I'm the real BadAzz. Now, hand it to me now, boy."

"You tripping," Boosie's associate claps back. "I'll beat your muthafuckin ass in this bitch. What? Don't talk to him like that."

As a dumbfounded Boosie is in the middle of asking Dolemite if he is joking, the rapper's mans cold-cocks the YouTuber right before the video cuts out.

Boosie BadAzz has been laying low recently after having numerous run-ins with police go viral over the summer. In July, video of his detainment by police in Georgia leaked online. In the video, the Louisiana rapper threatened to spit on officers after complaining about continuous harassment. In that instance, he was reportedly cited for marijuana possession. A month later, he was detained in Georgia again and went viral after recording himself rapping "Set It Off" and "Fuck the Police" to officers.

Earlier this month, Boosie released the Takeoff tribute song "Rocket Man."

See Video of YouTuber White Dolemite Trying His "Boy" Prank on Boosie BadAzz and Getting Punched Below

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