Young Thug's Slime Language project finally arrived on Friday (Aug. 17) and turned out to be a Young Stoner Life Records compilation mixtape. Full of guest appearances from Gunna, Duke, Lil Keed, Lil Uzi Vert, Tracy T and more, the project also includes a number of producers who contributed to the record.

The Slime Language opening track, "Tsunami," was crafted by producers Wheezy and Keyyz, who also contributed to the songs, "Gain Clout," "Oh Yeah," "Chanel (Go Get It)," "Audemar" and more. Wheezy also teamed up with beatmakers DY, Bobby Raps and Cicero On Da Beat for "January 1st" and joined forces with Bobby and Charlie Handsom on "Chains Choking Me."

But not every song on Slime Language was handled by a team of producers, Turbo was the sole force behind "Slimed In," while Billboard Hitmakers and Super contributed to the tracks "Expensive" and "STS," respectively.

In related Thugger news, the Atlanta rapper ran into a bit of trouble with the law on Thursday (Aug. 16) during his birthday-listening party at a Los Angeles Dave & Busters. The Hear No Evil rapper was arrested by police and charged with possession of a concealed firearm in a vehicle. Thug was reportedly held on $35,000 bond.

Check out the production credits below.

Young Thug's Slime Language Mixtape Production Credits

1. "Tsunami" (Produced by Wheezy and Keyyz)
2. "U Ain't Slime Enough" featuring Karlae and Duke (Produced by Woodpecker)
3. "Gain Clout" (Produced by Keyyz and Smoke)
4. "Oh Yeah" featuring Hidoraah (Produced by K Bangerz and Keyyz)
5. "Audemar" featuring Tracy T (Produced by Keyyz)
6. "Chanel (Go Get It)" featuring Gunna and Lil Baby (Produced by Wheezy, SinGrinch and Psymun)
7. "Dirty Shoes" featuring Gunna (Produced by Wheezy and Charlie Handsome)
8. "It's a Slime" featuring Lil Uzi Vert (Produced by Wheezy)
9. "Scoliosis" featuring Gunna and Duke (Produced by Keyyz, Mattazik and Smoke)
10. "Goin Up" featuring Lil Keed (Produced by Kacey Khaliel)
11. "January 1st" featuring Jacquees and Trapboy Freddy (Produced by Wheezy, DY, Bobby Raps and Cicero On Da Beat)
12. "Chains Choking Me" featuring Gunna (Produced by Wheezy, Bobby Raps and Charlie Handsome)
13. "STS" featuring Strick (Produced by Super)
14. "Expensive" featuring Hidoraah and Dolly (Produced by Billboard Hitmakers)
15. "Slimed In" featuring Nechie (Produced by Turbo)

All songs mixed by Alex Tumay and mastered by Joe LaPorta (Sterling Sound).

Studios: Treesound Studios (Atlanta), Crosby Studios (Los Angeles), Record Plant (Los Angeles), Billboard Studios (Atlanta)

Young Stoner Life Records
Young Stoner Life Records

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