Young Thug returns. Today (April 13), the Atlanta rapper pulls up with a new track by the name of "Anybody," which includes a feature from Nicki Minaj, who just dropped off two new singles from her forthcoming LP. Now he's also got a sign language-inspired visual for the track, which seems to be a nod to Thug's deaf brother.

The new track appears on Thugger's newly released Hear No Evil EP, which comes just a few days after Thug posted a cryptic teaser on Twitter, hinting at new music with Nicki. Thugger's new video for the song puts sign language on the main stage.

In the visual, we see what appears to be a teenage boy using sign language to translate each of Thugger and Nicki's lyrics on the track. When Thug mentions carrying a dead body, the young guy motions his hands as if he's carrying something on his back. When Thug gets into the gun talk, the young man signs in what appears to bring out the air pistols.

In February, Thug revealed he would not put out any new music to honor his deaf brother. “I got a deaf brother," he explains. "I got a brother that can't hear, so I want to act deaf for a year. I ain’t going to put out no music this year.” While Thug did drop new music, the new visual does pay tribute to the sign language his brother can understand.

Thugger's probably best known for his melodies, but on the track itself, he spits some serious bars. "You gotta picture me rolling/Pacific ice, I'm an ocean/Ready for war like I'm Russia/Latest Chanel for the luggage," he spits on the low-key instrumental.

For her part, Nicki serves up a slab of her vocal chops in a half-sung verse. "You gotta picture me rolling, packing a semi no colon/Ready for war like Korea, headlining shows out in Poland/You should be cleanin' my mansion, my past is disgusting/Why don't you act like a Hoffman, and go get to dustin'," she raps. Sheesh.

Hear No Evil marks the first new solo project from Thugger in quite a long time. In the time since he released Beautiful Thugger Girls, the YSL boss has still made some big moves, namely, landing a top 10 Billboard Hot 100 single through an appearance on Camila Cabello's "Havana." 

Watch Young Thug and Nicki Minaj's video for "Anybody" below.

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