The year may be wrapping up in a few days, but things don't appear to be easing up for YK Osiris, who was the recent victim of a car break-in.

The Jacksonville, Fla. singer shared on his Instagram Story on Sunday (Dec. 26) that his SUV had been broken into and the culprits made off with a few thousands of dollars worth of clothes.

"Man... Niggas wanna break in my shit," he began. "Y'all niggas dumb. Y'all niggas so dumb, y'all took like, $5,000 worth of clothes, nigga. Nigga, come on, man. Y'all niggas players, baby. We player."

YK Osiris, who seemed to be unfazed by the burglary, added, "What you breaking in my car for, nigga?"

In the clip, all of the windows on the driver's side of the former 2019 XXL Freshman's black SUV appear to be busted open. It's unclear if the passenger's side windows were broken as well.

Nonetheless, the "Worth It" crooner hasn't been able to catch a break. You can watch footage Osiris posted to his Instagram below.

Last week, YK's phone number leaked online, subjecting him to random FaceTime and phone calls from fans and social media users claiming to have found one of the $325,000 diamond earrings he had lost just days prior.

On Dec. 20, YK Osiris pleaded for whomever stole his earring to return his high-priced piece of jewelry.

"Listen, if anybody out there got integrity, can you please give me my earring back?" he said. "These not no cheap earrings. It's a lot of money. I will give you a reward for it. Whatever you want. Can you please just give me my earring back? Thank you."

YK was offering a $60,000 reward for the earring, but it's unclear if the diamond stud has been returned.

And before this, Lil Baby put YK Osiris on blast about an unpaid $5,000 debt while Drake jokingly made YK perform in his house to repay $60,000 he supposedly owed the Toronto rapper.

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Big spendin'.

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