After losing one of his $325,000 diamond earrings yesterday, YK Osiris is now being trolled by fans.

On Monday night (Dec. 20), the R&B singer jumped on his Instagram account and mistakenly leaked his phone number while sharing a video of people calling him and pretending they found his expensive bauble.

In the clip, three men are claiming they found his pricey earring and are willing to meet up with him in Miami. Clearly seeing that they're joking, the "Worth It" crooner, yells, "Stop callin’ my phone you curly-headed bitch!."

In the caption of the post, YK wrote, "These people really calling my damn phone, talking bout I found it mannnn wtf is wrong With these people."

As of this posting, it doesn't appear that the video is currently up on YK’s IG page with his alleged phone number still visible.

This comes as the Jacksonville, Fla. singer revealed yesterday that one of the $325,000 diamond studs that he recently purchased disappeared. "I really lost one of my ear rings," he wrote on his IG Story, adding several angry face emojis. "I'm sick," he later mentioned.

Shortly after, YK Osiris posted a video to his page, pleading for help in recovering his high-priced jewelry.

"Listen, if anybody out there got integrity, can you please give me my earring back?" he stated. "These not no cheap earrings. It's a lot of money. I will give you a reward for it. Whatever you want. Can you please just give me my earring back? Thank you."

YK confirmed to XXL that he is in fact offering a $60,000 reward for his missing earring.

In another IG Story post, YK vowed to never buy a pair of earrings—presumably at such a high price—again.

"I’m never gon’ buy a pair of earrings again," he said. He then addressed his fans: "Y’all was right and I appreciate y’all, man, y’all was right. That was the dumbest shit I ever did. I’m never buying another pair. I’m never, everrrr."

On another note, the South Florida artist would love for people to stop trolling him on his phone.

Watch YK Osiris vow to never buy expensive earrings again below.

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