A paternity dispute between Offset and Instagram model Celina Powell is now shaping up to be a hoax after the woman was accused of altering DNA documents to falsely claim the Migos member is the father of her child.

In two separate videos of phone calls posted on Twitter, a woman who is believed to be Powell can be heard discussing doctoring papers and trying to get people to buy into her story. "I think I'm just gonna alter those for these papers and I think that'll be good enough," the voice can be heard saying.

"I swear, I will fight her... This is like my credibility on the line and if I can just get people to at like least believe it and then like leave me the fuck alone, that's fine," the voice believed to be Powell's continues.

Another person called out Powell on Twitter for posting fake paternity tests and said the word "individuals" is spelled incorrectly in Powell's photo. "#CelinaPowell posting FAKE paternity tests I see. These bitches can't even spell I N D I V I D U A L S correctly 😂 @OffsetYRN," a woman tweeted.

It's also not the first time Powell has been accused of lying about DNA tests. Powell supposedly did the same thing in 2017 with Chief Keef, allegedly posting Photoshopped DNA results. And another woman claims Powell told someone by the name of YoungK that he was the father of her child but refused him a DNA test.

As for the "Ric Flair Drip" rapper, it appears fiancee Cardi B already had her suspicions about Powell, calling her claims "wild fake."

Check out all of the tweets below.

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