Woah Vicky is convinced Lil Nas X is only pretending to be gay after selling his soul. And the Georgia rap-crooner has a pointed response for the social media personality.

On Wednesday (April 12), the We in Miami Podcast shared a snippet of their new interview with former Bhad Bhabie antagonist Woah Vicky in which she gives a conspiracy theory about Lil Nas X's sexuality.

"I think he need Jesus," Vicky said when asked to opine on the "Old Town Road" rapper, also adding Lil Uzi Vert to her short list of rappers who she believes need healing hands. "I wanted to say this about Lil Nas X. I got a few friends that went to school with him and they said he was never gay. So, I know for a fact what he doing is ’cause they told him you gotta do this."

"I feel like ain't nobody really gay, in Jesus name, Amen," she continued. "It's getting popularity. It's getting you money. Getting you views. So, it's like selling your soul...The industry is demonic. You have to do certain things to get that. So, I believe he had to do certain things to get where he's going."

Shortly after the snippet dropped, Lil Nas X quickly responded to news of his sexuality being question. Replying to a blog post on the topic, the "Industry Baby" rhymer tweeted, "Who gives af what ja rule thinks at a time like this."

Lil Nas X has been very candid about his sexual preference. Back in 2019, he opened up about coming out, saying he knew he was gay when he was a teenager but hoped it was a phase at the time.

See Video of Woah Vicky Explaining Her Lil Nas X Conspiracy Theory and His Response Below

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