It looks like the era of Will Smith chilling out maxin,' relaxing, all cooling on his rap career is finally over. We've had some recent hints that Big Willie would be returning to the rap game, but you know it's real when you actually see it before your eyes. After surprising the world by hopping on the remix for the Bombay Estereo track "Fiesta," Jaden's dad now appears in the video for the uptempo dance song.

In the clip, a large group of neon clothes clad dancers wake up in a dimly lit warehouse and the fun begins. Will dramatically enters the scene in a dark hoodie and helps get things popping by dropping his verse for the track. At 47, Smith doesn't seem to have lost a step or a bar as he raps witty lines over the party-starting track. The video already has over 2.3 million views on Vevo.

This is just the beginning. The rapper/movie star recently revealed to Zane Lowe on BBC Radio he will be going on a world tour with partner in rhyme DJ Jazzy Jeff. This information comes on the heels of news that he and Jeff are ready to work on a new album. “It could be any time like, I’m home for two weeks and we’re going to get together and do something. That could really start off with me sending him something and him recording it and then us getting together,” Jeff recently told Rolling Stone. “But the only way that I will [record the finished track] is if we are in the studio together. That’s how it’s always been. I’m not worried about me at all. I think the beauty of it is that he started it, and he’s ready to go.”

Earlier this year, Will revealed he has already recorded several songs with Kanye West. This will be the Fresh Prince's fist project since 1993's Code Red.

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