Wifisfuneral is one of the best young MC's in the game right now. The Florida native has constantly been putting out top quality music and has seen his fanbase steadily grow with each new drop.

Today (Jan. 24), Wifi teams up with Kembe X for "Lost My Mind," which is produced by HenryDaher. The track is off his upcoming project When Hell Falls that is out Jan. 27.

"I hope I don't gotta load my gun/Ok, protect me from within/Suffocate my lungs/Cause when I see this living giving/I peep it then run/Sieara Leaone with yo diamond soul, let go/I see you shine then some/Brighter then rising suns/I rise from grace then come," he raps.

The new single, which follows up "Antisocial Club" and "Luv Me Never," was made relatively quickly, according to Wifisfuneral.

"Me and Henry Daher had already finished the project," Wifi said a recent interview. "We made it in two weeks. The whole time Henry was telling me about Kembe and how we should collaborate. He felt like Kembe would make a lot of sense on that particular song, so we sent it to him. I made a trip out to LA a little bit later and linked up with Kembe. We played it for him in person, but he had already recorded his part a day or two before we even got there. We've been cool ever since."

Bump the song above and look out for When Hell Falls project next week.

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