Keeping up his musical momentum after the release of his Supreme Blientele album, Westside Gunn released his new project, Hitler Wears Hermes 6 yesterday (Oct. 31). That same day, the Griselda Records artist used an Instagram post to announce that his project will be exclusively through his site

" RIGHT NOW!!!! Another YR another HWW go Support ART, A lot of ppl put blood sweat and tears to bring u real Hip Hop I wanna thank everybody who's been waiting to support and EVERYBODY who's involved I feel this is where Supreme BLIENTELE left off of just that RAW FLY STREET SHIT like I said in 'ELIZABETH' they can't fuck with me, CDs are LIMITED so don't sleep own this chapter of my History spread the Gospel as well we gotta starting lettin the ppl who deserve there roses while they can still smell em," he wrote of the Hitler Wears Hermes 5 sequel on Instagram.

The Buffalo, N.Y. artist's latest offering features guest appearances from Nick Grant, LordFlee, Lil Eto and more. The 13-track project also features production from DJ Muggs, Alchemist and Marco Polo. Two official covers were created for the release with one being an image of Hitler with a third eye, and the other being a picture of Gunn himself.

On the project's third track, "Versace Will Never Be the Same," Westside shows off his slick wordplay. "Ayo, the beautiful, bagging up coke in my cuticles/Hop out, kill two other niggas at your funeral/Ain't nobody iller, point 'em out, I might kill them niggas," he spits on the track.

You can cop Westside Gunn's Hitler Wears Hermes 6 over at

Westside Gunn Hitler Wears Hermes 6 Project Tracklist

1. "Black Hitler Intro" featuring Bro A.A Rashid
2. "GiGis" featuring Benny
3. "Versace Will Never Be The Same Again"
4. "Niagara Cafe"
5. "Ready Made" featuring Keisha Plum
6. "SLY (Slide Wit It)"
7. "B.I.G. Luther Freestyle" featuring Benny
8. "Niggas in Puerto Rico" featuring Lord Flee and Benny
9. "Chyno Nyno Speaks"
10. "Amherst Station 2"
11. "My 1st Drako" featuring Nick Grant
12. "Evidence Joint"
13. "John Bena" featuring Lil Eto

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Griselda Records
Griselda Records
Griselda Records

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