The latest episode of TV One's Unsung series centers around Kurupt, the Philly native who moved to Los Angeles and became one of the West Coast's most dangerous rhymers.

The 35-minute documentary chronicles Kurupt Young Gotti's life as a childhood, ascent through the ranks of Death Row and development as a solo artist. You can watch the whole thing above.

Among the highlights of the episode are Kurupt battling Snoop before they became homies (Lady of Rage remembers how Snoop's slower, more melodic flow contrasted to Kurupt's sharper style), Kurupt freestyling for Suge as an audition for Death Row, and Kurupt going at DMX for getting with Foxy Brown while the Cali MC was seeing her.

Snoop and Daz Dillinger appear in the episode, and they eventually get to talking about the making of Dogg Food. They even break down the history of "New York, New York" and how it was originally supposed to be an ode to the city before their NYC video shoot got shot up.

Overall, the episode is a fantastic watch for rap fans who know how many classic bars Kurupt has blessed us with over the years. Watch the whole thing above.

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