Waka Flocka Flame has been teasing his Flockaveli II album for the past couple of years, and now the Atlanta native is ready to give it to fans. The Southern entertainer's third studio album is on the way, and is looking at an early 2018 release through Entertainment One.

According to Waka, Flockaveli II has been in the works for some time, but he hasn't been able to release it being that he lost three different versions of the album. He says that this is now the fourth version of the project, and we can anticipate to start off our new year with it hitting our ears.

“This is the fourth time I’ve made Flockaveli II,” says Waka in a statement. “I lost the original version when I lost my hard drives, and then I lost two more after that. With this version of the album I just did it."

He also talks about unleashing his frustration and emotion onto this forthcoming album, but this time around, there will be better delivery and flow.

“An album is supposed to be personal. People want to hear me,” he says. “There was a whole bunch of frustration and anger making this album but I want people to know the same as Flockaveli II. Better delivery, better flow. This is a Waka Flocka album.”

After the delays, the Triple F Life rapper says that his extra personal record "Circles" is the only track that was able to survive from the original version of Flockaveli II, and is slated to be on the final cut, which will reportedly feature 19 tracks.

“It’s the only record I have ever made that I had tears in my eyes,” Waka explains. “It reminds me of all the pain I overcame.”

Fans can also expect to hear production from the likes of Lex Leuger, Supa Mario and C Notes, as well as newcomers TurnUP Josh on Flockaveli II.

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