Waka Flocka becomes the latest rapper to take a swing at Drake's "Hype." The 30-year-old Atlanta rapper drops heat for two and a half minutes over the popular Boi 1-da and Nineteen85-produced instrumental.

In what he calls a "Flockmix," the Atlantic Records artist spits intense, intelligent lines, which might surprise some listeners who haven't heard this side of Flocka. At the 1:30 mark, he really goes in, rapping, "So underrated, feel like Westbrook/I'm runnin' plays, it's textbook/Couple rappers solid, but the rest shook/They say I can't rap, so I came back with them punchlines, gave 'em left hooks/Back from the dead, I'm Jon Snow/Toe-tag him, he's a John Doe."

While Drizzy's delivery on the original is cleaner and smoother, Waka is definitely the winner in the lyrical department. Plus, based on that Jon Snow line, we now have confirmation that Waka is a Game of Thrones fan, which is amazing in its own right. Which version do you like the most -- Drake's, Wayne's or Waka's?

Flocka has been hard at work recently. In April, he put out a "Real Friends" Remix and dropped the Akon-assisted "Had it Hard." Also, In case you missed it, check out Waka Flocka on XXL's list of 10 Younger Rappers Influenced by Gucci Mane. It's also in your best interest to check out this hilarious video of Raury and Flocka making blueberry muffins in VICE's Munchies. Who knew Waka was vegan? Keep it locked to XXL for more news and music on the talented ATL artist.

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