Despite losing his grandmother and dealing with his eldest son hanging with current revival Floyd Mayweather, 50 Cent is still managing to have some good luck. In addition to having newfound success with G-Unit, the rapper recently had a lawsuit against him dropped.

Back in April the video vixen Sally Ferreira filed a defamation suit against Fif for $11 million.

After allegedly leaking photos from the video shoot of “Big Rich Town,” 50 proceeded to berate Ferreira on Instagram calling her “thirsty.” As a result she claims she lost out on several job opportunities.

She would then go on to enlist the help of Hip-Hop Weekly’s  Roslys Metayer through a series of texts, but that seemed to do little to help her case.

According to New York Daily News Ferreira dropped the suit 10 days later when lawyer Ravi Batra called the lawsuit “a silly case.” Both sides filed a motion known as a “stipulation of dismissal with prejudice,” last Friday, which means the case can not be refilled.

After the dismissal 50’s lawyer Stephen Savva told NY Daily News “As Mr. Jackson always believed, the baseless claims asserted against him were not worth 50 cents, no less the $11 million originally sought by the plaintiff.”