When West Coast rapper Blu and music producer Exile collaborated on Below The Heavens in 2007, they created a critically acclaimed project that immediately sold out of its initial 3,500 copies. Their conscious sound was starkly different than what existed in the West Coast at the time. Now, more than 10 years later, the unreleased tracks that didn't make the album cut will be made available to the public in August.

Blu sat down for an interview with LA Weekly where he discussed the impact of the record and the release of the new music. When the album was originally released in 2007, it consisted of 15 tracks. More than 40 records were recorded for the project, so the remaining 25 tracks are the songs that will be released. "I had no idea this record would stand the test of time the way it has,” Blu said in the interview. “I was just trying to be as real and ill as possible without sounding like someone else or sounding like I was trying to impress someone. Exile made my vision a reality every step of the way.”

The former 2009 XXL Freshman hasn't been quiet on the music scene. He recently released "The Turn Up" and "Get Money" this year and let loose the Titans In The Flesh collaborative EP with Nottz last July. Back in March, Exile shared a post on Instagram showing that he and Blu were working together again. "“Making dreams come true all over again #bluandexile #belivethat,” reads the caption. The accompanying picture shows Blu sitting in front of a condenser mic.

Below The Heavens has been reissued twice since 2011.

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