Two-9 member Jace is gearing up for the release of his first full-length solo project. With The Jace Tape scheduled to drop on Feb. 29, the Retro Sushi rapper wanted to get fans ready for the project with a new track. The result is "Eastside Jace," which sees Jace team up with Chuck Inglish for a funky banger that displays a unique style.

As Jace embarks on this solo venture, he also wanted to make it clear that everything is good in the Two-9 camp.

"This is something kind of needs to be said," Jace told Noisey in a new interview. "I guess it’s kind of weird from the outside looking in, but we’re not just like a music group. We are, but we’re friends. We’re like brothers. We’re like best friends. I’m with some member of Two-9 in some form, shape, or fashion every day of my life. These are my day one, every day kind of friends. There never really is separation, whether musically or outside of the studio. We’re always together, we’re always working, whether I go a few days, a week or so not seeing one member. We’re always plotting on how we’re going to take over and do shit, and we all kind of came together and decided that it was time for me to contribute to the takeover, to our overall mission and plan of taking over the world. They’re all behind me, and they’re all supporting me on this one effort.

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