Update 2 (Aug. 8, 12:47 p.m. EST):

A day after the controversy, Boosie is still firing back at critics. This time, he wrote a long post on Instagram defending himself as a father. "Where I'm from girls were pregnant at 13 and 14 on the regular. They had no daddy to talk to them about what's in boys ,the streets [or] STDs etc," he wrote. "I have a relationship where I can talk to my teenage kids about anything." Read the whole caption below.

Update (Aug. 7, 1:41 p.m. EST):

Boosie tells TMZ he was just "clowning" with the Instagram post that caused controversy online this morning. He says his son has already gotten some oral sex by now, so he doesn't really need his dad's help. You can watch Boosie address the whole thing below.

Original Story:

Boosie BadAzz has sent the internet into a frenzy once again with another of his incendiary comments. This one might just be the wildest of them all.

Recently, the Baton Rouge, La.-based rapper, who's complained about cartoons allegedly trying to manipulate kids into being gay in the past, celebrated his son's 14th birthday by saying he'd "get" him some money to pay for some oral sex. While it seems likely that he's joking, that is definitely a joke about child molestation, so Twitter isn't having it.

"Happy gday @tootie_raww love you son with all my heart Pops💯💯💯💯see u tomorrow 💯💯💯got a 💰bag for you n a bad bitch to give u some head 💯u already know how I do it Tootie Raww the mixtape dropping Oct.1st," Boosie wrote late Sunday night on IG.

"Boosie a trash parent, a trash rapper, just an all around trash ass nigga tbh and that's an understatement," wrote one Twitter user, clearly disappointed with Boosie's most recent comments. "Boosie paying a woman to give his 7 year old oral sex is indefensible no matter which way you slice it. That's disgusting," wrote another.

While a few other Twitter users joked about Boosie's Instagram post, the majority of folks took on a more condemnatory tone in their tweets. "A great father teaches his son how to respect women. Boosie's a fucking moron. And the 27k that liked that post are fucking morons," wrote another Twitter user, pretty much summing up the feelings of plenty of other people with his message.

Take a look at Boosie's controversial Instagram post below, and peep how Twitter reacted to it in our gallery below.

Twitter Reacts to Boosie BadAzz Saying He'd Get His 14-Year-Old Son Some Oral Sex

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