Just a bit more than a week after unveiling his Kanye West-assisted No Dope on Sundays single "Dat Side," CyHi The Prynce returns with "I'm Fine," a Travis Scott-featuring new cut from his debut LP. Listen to it below.

The new track features a hook from Scott who assures listeners that despite life's struggles, he's A-okay. For his part, CyHi recounts his upbringing seeing friends in dangerous situations while putting himself in them when he became a drug dealer.

"At the tree-top, that's where we are/So don't worry 'bout me dog, you couldn't walk a day in my Reeboks/Seen a lotta homies laid up in the E-R/We don't need y'all," CyHi spits on the upbeat track.

CyHi's new album No Dope on Sundays is all set to drop next Thursday (Nov. 16). Speaking with us about the project this past spring, CyHi offered a little insight into the sequencing of the album and why he has to write with a concept in mind.

"Well, the sequencing was something like I wanna do Monday through Sunday," he explained. "But it was a week of mine that I had as a teenager that was devastating, so I kind of remember a lot of things that transpired that week. So I put it all in a week’s body of works, so when you listen to [the album] it builds from like your workdays all the way to your weekends to when you do your religion on Sundays. So it had that feel and I tried to make it that way. And I remember a lot of the stories that were going on during that time, and I just wanted to write about them because one thing about me [is] if I don’t have a concept, I have writer’s block."

Check out "I'm Fine" below.

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