Tracy T reconnects with two heavy hitters for his latest single's music video. Tracy links up Pusha T and Rick Ross once again, this time for the "Choices" video. The black and white visual sets the mood for this tale about the consequences of your actions. Despite being on the track with two skilled MCs, Tracy more than holds his own with his opening verse.

"Tryna travel overseas, fuck it, that ain’t work/No tour, no bonjour, I’m back on the turf/Probation hating a nigga tryna better himself/Baby mama been spiteful cause I never was there/But she the one that took my son, but I’m the one that they blame/Know these hoes ain’t playing fair, it's all a part of the game/I got a M for dumb shit and not a problem with pain/Cause in the end pain came with everything that I gained," Tracy raps.

"Choices" will appear on Tracy's upcoming album Millionaire Nightmares, which is scheduled to drop on Feb. 24. The project also features guest appearances by Tory Lanez, Dej Loaf and SYPH. Check out the tracklist below and pre-order the LP now iTunes.

Tracy T's Millionaire Nightmares Tracklist
1. “One Way”
2. “Married the Game”
3. “Dopeman”
4. “Shinin’ Like My Rollie” Feat. DeJ Loaf
5. “Bezzle”
6. “Too Many” Feat. SYPH
7. “In da Morning” Feat. Tory Lanez
8. “Choices” Feat. Pusha T and Rick Ross
9. “Lit”
10. “Get In”
11. “Expensive Taste”
12. “Dream Girl”
13. “Live This Dream” Fat. SYPH

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